Little Miss Addict is your place for all things addictive.

Interviews with incredible writers, artists, actors, musicians, professors, doctors, inventors, and professionals that identify as addicts, alcoholics, sex addicts, food addicts, workaholics, shopaholics, codependents, love addicts, and your garden variety hoarder.
Television would have you think that addicts are assholes and recovery is snoozefest, but LMA delves into the idea that addicts are a vital part of the heartbeat of our culture and recovery in it's various forms can/does save lives. We discuss the tools people use to stop their self-destruction and build a life worth living. These are bits of the heart wrenching, pee your pants laughing, surprisingly logical conversations that take place in the secret rooms full of 12-steppers.
Addiction is a global issue. Rehabs charge thousands of dollars for basic skills that should be free to everyone and anyone who needs/wants them.
Perhaps you chronically make-out with all of the wrong people, get stuck scrolling through social media until your eyes are dry and aching, or maybe you have blacked-out a few too many times for comfort. Maybe you love fentanyl. Or perhaps you're in recovery and already know the joys of laughing at your tragic mistakes.
We've got you.