Hey, my name is Frankie and I am an addict.

I am also a rad photographer and writer [obsessive creator / mother to 3 dogs + 1 human / Libra / adoptee / traveler / hippy child / married to a badass writer + recovering heroin addict / a Moth storyteller / Mortified alumni / liberal activist / list-writing / human being] that often lacks self-control which can get me into some really amusing perdicaments. 

I look like this


But more often look like this 


And used to look like this

Which is why I quit using drugs. 

I love addicts. I love obsessive people, I love people who can not help but push the red button. I love reformed bad girls/boys and I love people who can laugh at their own mistakes and the tricks their mind plays on them.

I was raised in a family of addicts and in/out of the foster care system until I was adopted at 13. I got clean at 21 and my two biggest fears were that A) I would have to read religious literature, and B) I'd have go to bed at 9pm. I'm happy to say that was not the reality. In fact, I set out to prove that wouldn't be my reality. 

In my time clean I have had an incredible career as a photographer, fell in love with The One, broke up with him, moved, met my birth parents, experienced some major deaths, accidentally hitchhiked in Florida with this guy

while independently campaigning for Obama, stripped (unrelated to Obama or that guy), traveled a ton, moved again, wrote a book, went to Burning Man twice, moved again, did stand-up at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, went on a Native American vision quest (no drugs so it was really just starving myself for 3 days on a mountain while meditating like a ridiculously cliché white person), dated many many people, took a lot of photos, had an abortion, wrote about it, made some videos, got back together with The One, moved again, got married, had an awesome baby, bought an awesome house, and now we are here. 

It's been a (self-induced) crazy ride and the only way I was able to stay clean was by having a community of people that shared their crazy with me. 

Little Miss Addict started in 2009 as a memoir, the first draft was 173k words and got lost somewhere in the editing phase. In 2012 I rode in on the coattails of the Shit People Say meme with some YouTube videos under the same name - Shit 12-Steppers SayShit 12-Steppers Don't Say, and Shit People Say to 12-Steppers. To date they over 150,000 views and have introduced me to a ton of incredible addicts around the world. 

The reception made me realize once again how much addicts/everyone need laughter and connection, and how too often addiction is cast as solely this horrible death sentence... which it is, if it's not addressed... but it's also this incredible gift if you get help. 

Addicts are some of the most talented, ambitious, creative, sensitive, loving, self-centered, entertaining people on the planet and if they can just stop spinning on destruction and focus on creation they can do incredible things.