Bucket List of INTERVIEWS

We asked our friends who their favorite addicts and obsessives of any type are.

I'm not saying these people *are* addicts. Perhaps they were arrested for some crazy shit but maybe seem suddenly super healthy. Or perhaps they mentioned in an interview that they smoked crack once before. Or maybe I just think they would have some interesting insights on the topic.

We would love to interview any and all of these people- if you have a connection to any of them, please let us know. 

And if you know someone who is just a complete badass who you think would be a rad interview, forward them this website and ask if they are cool with me reaching out to them. Then email me with their contact information. Don't forget that part. Obviously. 


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People who have passed away from addiction or other related illnesses. 

Allen Ginsberg

Amy Winehouse

Andy Kaufman

Betty Grable

Billie Holiday

Brad Renfro

Bradley Nowel

Brian Epstein

Brittany Murphy

Charles Dickens

Charlie Parker

Charlotte Brontë

Chet Baker


Chris Farley

Corey Feldman

Cory Monteith

David Foster Wallace

Dee Dee Ramone

Desi Arnaz

Diane Arbus

DJ Rashad

Dorothy Parker

Duke Ellington

Earnest Hemingway

Edgar Allen Poe

Elliot Smith

Elvis Presley

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Frida Kahlo

Gary Crosby

GG Allin

Gia Scala

Heath Ledger

Herb Caen

Helen Palmer

Howard Hughes

Humphery Bogart

Hunter S. Thompson

Jack Kerouac

Jackson Pollock

Janice Joplin

Jean Michel Basquiat

Jean-Paul Sartre

Jerry Garcia

Jim Finks

Jim Morrison

Jimmy Hendrix

John Belushi

John Wayne

José Fernandez

Judy Garland

Ken Kesey

Kurt Cobain

Lenny Bruce

Lisa Robin Kelly

Lorraine Hansberry

Lucille Ball

Marilyn Monroe

Mark Rothko

Mark Shaw

Michael Jackson

Mitch Hedberg

Mo Howard

Nancy Spungen

Nat King Cole

Ol' Dirty Bastard

Paul Epstein

Peaches Geldof

Philip Seymour Hoffman


Robert Louis Stevenson

Robin Williams

Rodney King

River Phoenix

Ryan Dunn

Sammy Davis Jr

Sid Viscious

Steve McQueen

Tallulah Bankhead

Tennessee Williams

Thomas Kinkade

Tom Petty

T.S. Eliot

Truman Capote

Walt Disney

Whitney Houston

William Faulkner

William Yeats