I believe addiction fall into two general categories: substance and behavioral.

It's easy to see the wreckage caused by substances but behavioral addictions can be equally as destructive. Sex, food, gaming, and gambling are all potentially addictive... especially for addicts. The ripple of addiction also affects people who aren't addicts. Luckily, there are meetings for that too!

Below is a list of 12-step programs for almost every addiction related ailment. All have been active for 10+ years and are all-inclusive meaning they DGAF about your age, race, sexual identity, creed, religion, or lack of religion.

If you don't find a message that feels right for you, try a different meeting or a different 12-step program. In the beginning you may hate meetings. That's normal, but keep coming back. At least to the podcast if nothing else. 

"I don’t talk badly about any 12-step program because the only thing they do is save lives." -a sponsor